Agenda, October 3-4, 2008

Princeton-Cornell Conference on the PDII
Preliminary Program (2)
Conference Meeting Dates: October 3-4, 2008
Chauncey Conference Center at ETS
Princeton , NJ
Thursday, October 2
6-9 PM Optional Informal Dinner at ETS
Friday, October 3
7:30-8:45am Breakfast
9:00am  Welcome and Introductions
9:15-10:15am Katharine Abraham, John Haltiwanger, Kristin Sandusky and James Spletzer, “Household- versus Establishment-Based Employment Measures: Can Issues with Measuring Self-Employment, Job Changing or Multiple Job-Holding Explain Why Their Trends Have Differed?”
  Powerpoint Presentation
10:15-11:15am Henry Farber and Alan Krueger, “Measuring Union Coverage and its Effects”
11:15-11:30am Break
11:30am-12:30pm Morris Kleiner and Alan Krueger, “Measuring Occupational Licensing and its Effects” “Measuring Occupational Licensing and its Effects”
12:30-12:45pm  Rapporteur: Orley Ashenfelter
12:45-1:45pm Lunch
1:45-2:45pm Ashley Miller, Jesse Rothstein, Cecilia Rouse, “Validating Self-Reported Education” “Validating Self-Reported Education”
2:45-3:45pm  Henry Braun and Irwin Kirsch, “Testing the Effect of Incentives on Student Performance on the NAEP”
3:45-4pm Break
4-5pm     Alan Krueger, “Validating the American Time Use Survey”
5-6pm  Robert Barsky, Miles Kimball, Noah Smith, “Affect and Expectations: Evidence from the Surveys of Consumers”
6-6:15pm   Rapporteur: Kevin Hallock
6:30-9pm Drinks and Dinner at Jasna Polana, 8 Lawrenceville Rd. , Princeton , NJ
  Dinner Speaker: Dr. Steven H. Murdock, Director of Census Bureau “From Professor and State Demographer to Director of the U.S. Census Bureau: A Status Report on the 2010 Census”
Saturday, October 4
7:30-8:45am                Breakfast
9-10am Bruce Meyer, “The Understatement of Transfers in Household Surveys: Its Nature and Possible Solutions”
10-11am  Fran Blau and Lawrence Kahn, “Measuring Actual Work Experience”
  Powerpoint Presentation
11-11:15am Break
11:15am-12-15pm David Autor and Michael Handel, “Job Tasks, Education, and Job Loss”
12:15-1:15pm Lunch
1:15-2:15pm  Alan Blinder and Alan Krueger, “Measuring Offshoreability and its Effect”
  Powerpoint Presentation
2:15-2:30pm Rapporteur: Thomas Lemieux
2:30-2:45pm Wrap Up and Next Steps