New York Times Economic Scene Columns

The Cost of Invading Iraq: Imponderables Meet Uncertainties"
March 30, 2006

Do You Need a License to Earn a Living? You Might Be Surprised at the Answer
March 2, 2006

Wait Till Next Year, but Lock in the Ticket Price Now
February 2, 2006

New (and Sometimes Conflicting) Data on the Value to Society of the Job Corps
January 4, 2006

Job Satisfaction Is Not Just a Matter of Dollars
December 9, 2005

One Tempting Remedy for the Alternative Minimum Tax Has Flaws of Its Own
November 10, 2005

Why the Tepid Response to Higher Gasoline Prices?
October 13, 2005

At FEMA, Disasters and Politics Go Hand in Hand
September 15, 2005

Fair? Balanced? A Study Finds It Does Not Matter
August 18, 2005

Adding Up the Oil-for-Food Payoffs
July 21, 2005

Are Collectibles the New Real Estate?
June 23, 2005

The Farm-Subsidy Model of Financing Academia.
May 26, 2005

Economists Try to Explain Why Bubbles Happen.
April 28, 2005

Public health measures always involve trade-offs; when considering which ones to pursue, it helps to think of maximizing "life years.'
March 31, 2005

The disability insurance side of Social Security raises some questions about plans to create personal accounts.
March 3, 2005

The U.N. aims to cut poverty in half, even as the experts wonder how to measure it.
February 3, 2005

Doctoral Thesis Says Rich People Spend More on Conspicuous Things
January 6, 2005

Hedge Funds Better at Managing Data Than Managing Money
December 9, 2004

Warning: Military service can be a drain on later earning power in civilian life.
November 11, 2004

What's the Most Cost-Effective Way to Encourage People to Turn Out To Vote?"
October 14, 2004

New York's Economic Resilience
September 16, 2004

How to Define a Good Job.
August 19, 2004

To improve terrorism data, the U.S. should follow the lead of economic statistics.
July 22, 2004

Until a more thorough study is done, it is impossible to know whether private or federal airport screeners perform better.
June 24, 2004

The impact of higher oil prices
May 27, 2004

A growing number of men are not working, so what are they doing?
April 29, 2004

A study looks at what the public knows, or doesn't know, about economics and why.
April 1, 2004

Repairing workers' comp will be Schwarzenegger's next big challenge.
March 4, 2004

Some lessons from Sweden on the pros and cons of privatizing Social Security.
February 5, 2004

After 40 years, what are some results and lessons of America's war on poverty?
January 8, 2004

A study finds benefits for localities that offer subsidies to attract companies.
December 11, 2003

Rapid productivity growth probably did not cause slow post-recession job growth.
November 13, 2003

Connecting the dots from tax cuts for the wealthy to loss of benefits.
October 16, 2003

Pick one: The jobless rate dropped in August; it didn't; we don't know.
September 18, 2003

Women are less likely to negotiate, and it can be costly to them.
August 21, 2003

The Supreme Court finds the 'mushball middle' on affirmative action.
July 24, 2003

Do workers really make hay while the sun shines, or just clock out sooner?
June 26, 2003

Cash rewards and poverty alone do not explain terrorism
May 29, 2003

Market forces press state colleges to rise tuition and give financial aid; politics presses to keep tuition low.
May 1, 2003

What will be the model for peace in postwar Iraq--Germany after World War I or after World War II?
April 3, 2003

Big Federal Deficits, Bigger Risks
March 6, 2003

Trying to Predict a Military Victory.
February 6, 2003

A study looks at squatters and land titles in Peru.
January 9, 2003

Sticks and stones can break bones, but the wrong name can make a job hard to find.
December 12, 2002

The apple falls close to the tree, even in the land of opportunity.
November 14, 2002

Music sales slump, concert ticket costs jump and rock fans pay the price.
October 17, 2002

Lobbying by businesses overwhelms their campaign contributions.
September 19, 2002

When the economy hits a turnaround, conspiracy theories abound.
August 22, 2002

Accounting for bad apples: Investors in the stock market render their verdicts.
July 25, 2002

Reforming the extreme labor restrictions in Italy is no slice of tiramisu.
June 27, 2002

In numbers we trust, provided they're safe from political meddling.
May 30, 2002

A model for evaluating the use of development dollars, south of the border.
May 2, 2002

When it comes to income inequality, more than just market forces are at work.
April 4, 2002

As recovery builds, the less educated go to the end of the employment line.
March 7, 2002

The president wants Americans to volunteer to pick up the slack in social services. But will that be enough?
February 7, 2002

Take me out to the ballgame, but don't make taxpayers build the ballpark. The high cost and low benefit of sports subsidies.
January 10, 2002

To avoid terrorism, end poverty and ignorance. Right? Guess again. Debunking conventional wisdom about the roots of hate crime.
December 13, 2001

A small dose of common sense would help Congress break the gridlock over airport security.
November 15, 2001

The stimulus package should fix the unemployment insurance program first.
October 18, 2001

Gross domestic product vs. gross domestic well-being.
September 20, 2001

The many faces of Adam Smith: Rediscovering 'The Wealth of Nations.'
August 16, 2001

There are fewer summer jobs for teenagers, but that might not hurt long term.
July 19, 2001

Despite real concerns, gauging work hours is not a problem in measuring productivity growth
June 21, 2001

Pentagon pay plan shows that it doesn't always pay to take the money and run.
May 24, 2001

At colleges, as elsewhere, employers' prosperity lifts workers' expectations.
April 26, 2001

Legal reform is what the old Soviet bloc needs to put it on the path to growth.
March 29, 2001

When it comes to cloning, social science has to catch up with genetic science.March 1, 2001

Seven lessons about Super Bowl ticket prices.
February 1, 2001

Now is the time to reform unemployment insurance -- before it's really needed.
January 4, 2001

A study shows committees can be more than the sum of their members.
December 7, 2000

Honest brokers separate policy from sausage for the White House.
November 9, 2000

The model doesn't quite fit Medicare drug insurance.
October 12, 2000

Fewer workplace injuries and illnesses are adding to economic strength.
September 14, 2000

Vouchers for summer school could help halt the learning slide.
August 17, 2000

The Internet is lowering the cost of advertising and searching for jobs.
July 20, 2000

Equality in hiring remains the key to civil rights goals.
June 22, 2000

Work visas are allowing Washington to sidestep immigration reform.
May 25, 2000

Children smart enough to get into elite schools may not need to bother.
April 27, 2000

A study backs up what George Foreman already said: the Job Corps works.
March 30, 2000